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Seth Messenger : Ernest Hemingway's quotes

Ernest Hemingway said :

(Automatic translation)
Ernest Hemingway
« The world is a beautiful place for which it is worth fighting. »
Ernest Hemingway (Pour qui sonne le glas)

« I learned to never dry up the well of inspiration, always stop when there was a bit of water at the bottom and leaving its source fill it during the night. »
Ernest Hemingway

« An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with fools. »
Ernest Hemingway (Pour qui sonne le glas)

« When you have something difficult to do say a character, especially to drink. »
Ernest Hemingway

« The majestic movement of the iceberg is because a ninth only to let see on the surface of the water. »
Ernest Hemingway

« The hesitation increases risk-based and in proportion to the age. »
Ernest Hemingway

« To be a good father he has an absolute rule: do not watch his children until they are two years old. »
Ernest Hemingway

« One who began to live more seriously from the inside begins to live more easily outdoors. »
Ernest Hemingway

« If two people love each other, there may be a happy ending. »
Ernest Hemingway

« The time is the smallest thing we have. »
Ernest Hemingway (The New Yorker - 13 Mai 1950)

« When you have success, it's always for the wrong reasons. When it becomes popular, it is always due to the worst part of the job. »
Ernest Hemingway

« Never confuse movement with action. »
Ernest Hemingway

« Deciding not to be a bastard lets feel rather well... It could almost replace God. »
Ernest Hemingway (Le soleil se lève aussi)

« The first panacea for a misdirected nation is monetary inflation, the second is war. Both bring temporary prosperity and permanent destruction. The two are the refuge of economic and political opportunists. »
Ernest Hemingway (Notes sur la guerre - Septembre 1935)

« Joy at smart people, is the rarest thing I know. »
Ernest Hemingway

« All good books are alike. They are more real that might have been the reality. »
Ernest Hemingway

« All of the really horrible things start in innocence. »
Ernest Hemingway

« The largest donations for a good writer is having, birth, problems detector that resists shocks. »
Ernest Hemingway (La Revue de Paris - 1958)

« I learned a lot by listening carefully. Most of the people are never tuned. »
Ernest Hemingway

« The wisdom of the elders, it is a big mistake. It's not wiser that they become, is more cautious. »
Ernest Hemingway (L’Adieu aux armes)

« A man, it can be destroyed but not defeated. »
Ernest Hemingway (Le Vieil Homme et la mer)

« What is moral is what you find good after and what is immoral is what you find bad after... »
Ernest Hemingway (La mort dans l'après-midi)

« We have to get used to it: the more important cross-roads of our lives, there is no signage. »
Ernest Hemingway

« In all the arts, the pleasure increases with the knowledge of them. »
Ernest Hemingway

« The cat is absolutely honest: human beings humans hide, for one reason or another, their feelings. No cats. »
Ernest Hemingway

« We are born with our equity and we never change. We didn't acquire anything again. We are complete from the beginning. »
Ernest Hemingway (L'Adieu aux armes)

« All the frescoes seem good when they start to peel and flake. »
Ernest Hemingway (L'adieu aux armes)

« It is when one is defeated that becoming a Christian. »
Ernest Hemingway (L'adieu aux armes)

« The only valid writing, that's what we invent. That's what makes things real. »
Ernest Hemingway (Les Aventures de Nick Adams)

« Always sober to do what you wanted to do when you were drunk. This will teach you to shut up. »
Ernest Hemingway

« When some hear an echo, they imagine the sound. »
Ernest Hemingway

« Imprecise usage, all words have lost their edge. »
Ernest Hemingway (La mort dans l'après-midi)

« Each of my contacts with policy gave me the impression of having been drinking in a spittoon. »
Ernest Hemingway (New York Times -17 Septembre 1950)

« Cowardice is almost always due to the simple inability to suspend the activity of his imagination. »
Ernest Hemingway (Men at war)

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