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Seth Messenger : Epicure's quotes

Epicure said :

(Automatic translation)
« One who lives in the middle of imperishable goods was nothing like a mortal being. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« A happy life is impossible without wisdom, honesty and justice, and these in turn are inseparable of a happy life. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« My heart is full of pleasure when I have bread and water. »

« About every desire, it begs this question: what advantage will be if I not satisfied? »
Epicure (Maximes)

« Can't be without fear when it inspires fear. »
Epicure (Maximes)

« It is sometimes the fear of death that drives men to death. »

« If the gods wanted to grant wishes to mortals, many years ago that the Earth would be deserted because men ask many things harmful to mankind. »
Epicure (Doctrines et maximes)

« Among the desires some are natural and necessary, other natural and unnecessary, and others neither natural nor necessary, but the effect of hollow opinions. »

« True wisdom, true superiority does not win by fighting, but letting things be themselves. Plants that are resistant to the wind break, while the flexible plants survive hurricanes. »

« It is not so much the intervention of our friends who help us, but knowing that we can always count on them. »

« With respect to other things, it is possible to get security; but, because of death, we men, we all live in a city without walls. »

« Friendship toured the world and invites us all to wake up to the happy life. »

« All our actions are intended to move away from us the suffering and fear. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« We don't have to use services that we make our friends, that of insurance that we have these services. »
Epicure (Lettres, maximes, sentences)

« There the young man as well as the old man grow philosophy. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« The fun we have in view is characterized by the absence of bodily pain and disorders of the soul. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« In the common search for arguments, one who is defeated won more, in proportion to what he just learned. »
Epicure (Sentences vaticanes)

« It must disengage yourself from the prison of daily and public affairs. »
Epicure (Sentences vaticanes)

« Don't do anything in your life that makes you fear that your neighbor aware. »
Epicure (Sentences vaticanes)

« For most men, the calm is lethargy, emotional fury. »
Epicure (Maximes)

« It is obvious that the long speech and brief speech lead to the same. »

« Friendship must be sought for itself, however, it has the utility for the origin. »
Epicure (Doctrines et maximes)

« The need is an evil, there is no need to live under the empire of the need. »
Epicure (Doctrines et maximes)

« Among the things which wisdom gives to the happiness of the whole life, much more important is the possession of friendship. »
Epicure (Maximes capitales)

« There is nothing to fear in the fact of living, who truly understood that there is nothing to fear is not living. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« Should envy no one; because good men do not deserve to be enviable, and evil men, plus their fortune, the more they will corrupt themselves. »
Epicure (Sentences vaticanes)

« One who doesn't settle for less will be never happy with anything. »

« It is not possible to live happily without be wise, honest and fair, or wise, honest and just be happy. »
Epicure (Fragments)

« The pleasure is the beginning and the end of happy life. »
Epicure (Lettre à Ménécée)

« When there is sufficient unto yourself, we can have this inestimable good of freedom. »

« All pleasure is, by its nature, a good, but all pleasure must not be sought; Similarly all pain is an evil, but all pain doesn't have to be avoided at all costs. »

« The man who has the soul in peace is unwelcome to himself or to others. »

« Only those who can do without the wealth is worthy to enjoy. »

« It feels better to give than to receive. »

« The last degree of happiness is the absence of any evil. »

« The man who not only little is never happy with anything. »

« Nothing can be enough to one who considers as being little enough. »

« Each of us leaves the life with the feeling that he just barely born. »

« It is not so much the help of our friends who help us that our confidence in this help. »

« Do not so much watch what you eat one with which we eat. »

« It's one of the worlds which is infinite in the universe is not only the number of atoms. »

« Hides your life. »

« The pleasure is not a bad thing in itself, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure. »

« The vile soul is swollen with pride in prosperity and shot in the face of adversity. »

« No, seeing evil, one chooses, but attracted by the lure of a good by a greater evil than this one, one is caught in the trap. »
Epicure (Sentences vaticanes)

« Not be hungry, not thirsty, not be cold; who has it, and hope to have in the future, can fight as it happens, and will flow and happy days. »
Epicure (Sentences vaticanes)

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