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Seth Messenger : David Herbert Lawrence's quotes

David Herbert Lawrence said :

(Automatic translation)
David Herbert Lawrence
« The phallus serves as a bridge between these two rivers: it combines different rhythms in a single stream. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Défense de Lady Chatterley)

« As long as I live the morning bright and proud to rise and shine above the New Mexico deserts, something was silent in my soul and began to listen... »
David Herbert Lawrence (L’Ouest Américain)

« Far away, in the deepest secrecy of our soul, a horse prances... a horse, the horse! Symbol of force wave, of the power of motion, of the action. »
David Herbert Lawrence

« Love is just a form of conversation where the words are put into action rather than be spoken. »
David Herbert Lawrence (L’Amant de Lady Chatterley)

« Life is beautiful as long it consumes you. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Ile, mon île)

« Life is bearable when body and soul live in perfect harmony, there is a natural balance between them, and they have, for the other, respect mutual. »
David Herbert Lawrence

« Seek life where it can be found. When we find it, life will solve all the problems. »
David Herbert Lawrence

« Terror feels the spirit before the body has made crazy countless immortals. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Le Serpent à plumes)

« Humanity has never exceeded the Caterpillar stage, it rots in the chrysalis State and will never be wings. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Femmes amoureuses)

« Sleep is even more perfect, what say hygienists, when you share it with someone you love. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Amants et fils)

« God is not spectator. The God who is constantly involved in the miraculous and contradictory creative drama. God is somehow drowned in the creation, and cannot be separated or distinguished. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Matinées mexicaines)

« I feel in the air big white and eager hands trying to grab the throat and emptied of any life anyone who seeks to live, to live beyond the money. »
David Herbert Lawrence

« If we could only have two lives! The first, during which we'd all errors; the second, where we would benefit. »
David Herbert Lawrence

« It is the spirit who is an Augean stable, not the language. »
David Herbert Lawrence (La Peur des mots)

« Obscenity appears only if the spirit despises and fears the body if the body hates the spirit and resists. »
David Herbert Lawrence (L'Amant de Lady Chatterley)

« In the tightest embrace, in the most tender caress, there is this small gap which to narrow it to be, is not less than. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Le Serpent à plumes)

« Sleep is even more perfect when you share it with someone you love. »
David Herbert Lawrence (Amants et fils)

« There we lived despite the fall of so many heavens. »
David Herbert Lawrence (L'amant de Lady Chaterley)

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