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Seth Messenger : Dave Barry's quotes

Dave Barry said :

(Automatic translation)
Dave Barry
« We do not know where the virtual revolution takes us, only that here or we get, we will not have enough RAM. »
Dave Barry

« What there are exciting golf, is that even if you play very badly, it is always possible to worsen his game. »
Dave Barry (So Golf)

« The best way to win five shots on a golf course, is to use an eraser. »
Dave Barry (So Golf)

« What operating system best fits your personal needs? Answer: one that is already on your computer. Believe me, nobody really wanted to install a new. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« Imagine! You need a plane ticket; places of concerts or to help your daughter for a presentation. Turn on your computer, dial the number of your service provider and, in an instant, find that the line is busy. »
Dave Barry (Get with the program)

« Internet: a huge international network of computer enthusiasts, which for me means people who have no existence. »
Dave Barry

« While you destroy your brains out in front of a dumb TV show, us, on Internet, we freely exchange most secret and most shocking information about our CONFIG settings. SYSTEM! »
Dave Barry

« Experts say that if the year 2000 bug is not set, the phone lines will be unreliable, Governments will be paralyzed and the had will be late. Things will be about the same as now, in short. »
Dave Barry (Miami Herald - 1997)

« When the Government spends money, that create jobs; While if this money is left to taxpayers, God knows what they are doing... they may eat it! They do anything except create jobs! »
Dave Barry

« Most of the presidential candidates often include in their promises to cut taxes. In other words, these candidates are trying to buy your vote with your own money. »
Dave Barry

« Dogs have masters, cats have servants. »
Dave Barry

« What about the sentimental problems, men have a brain the size of a walnut. »
Dave Barry

« Most of those who work in the newspapers do not have the same opinions as those are being expressed. Some we know not from whence they came. They just mysteriously appear like Batman. »
Dave Barry

« If you are a man and a woman asks you what she looks, you're bad. »
Dave Barry

« The average woman spends approximately 5,000 hours a year to worry about her nails. in 40 years I never heard any man stop raving about a woman's nails. »
Dave Barry

« The question that you ask most certainly by filling in your tax return is: can I cheat? »
Dave Barry

« Fortunately for humanity great minds work, bringing great ideas that a normal mind would not have without consume fantastic quantities of gin. »
Dave Barry

« The editors of current newspapers don't have time to read newspapers; they spend their day in meetings with other editors trying to figure out what to do with the internet. »
Dave Barry

« Experts are formal and unanimous: as a general rule, the computer best suited to your needs is marketed about two days after you have purchased another model! »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« More a computer has RAM, the faster it can generate an error message. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« Connect to internet, meet hundreds of people with whom you would have never wanted to have any relevance whatsoever. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« We cannot predict where we will lead the computer Revolution. All what we know for sure is that, when we finally get there, it will not enough RAM. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« We prefer others bitten computer, above all spend our time hacking our computers, rather than use them to make something productive. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« We drive comfortably on the highway of life, protected by the belt of our certainties and the driver airbag of the routine. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« What would our ancestors if a modern computer? They would probably be able to tame him with stones. They were a lot smarter than we think. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« The cycle of obsolescence of computers became if fast, as in computer hypermarkets of the future, there will be shocks just in front of the cash registers. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« Desktop computers are great opportunities of professional communication. You can stick Post-it notes on the screen! »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« Like Hungary, the computer world has a language that its own. But there is a difference. If you stay long enough with Hungarians, you're going to understand what they are talking about. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« With the processor, you will realize that for every minute to write words, you will spend at least ten minutes to choose in what font dress them up. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« The vast majority, video games allow only a single social exchange, view shooting. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« Computers have the power to transform our world into a world that has completely foreign to us. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« The average computer is a wonderful specimen of those who celebrate the new year in defragmenting their hard drives. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

« If you have a little patience, you will find we can use the vast resources of the Web wasting time with efficiency that you had never dared to imagine. »
Dave Barry (Chroniques déjantées d’internet)

Want to know more about Dave Barry ? Then you should probably take a look over here..

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