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Seth Messenger : Dan Simmons's quotes

Dan Simmons said :

(Automatic translation)
Dan Simmons
« Words are the supreme objects. These are things with spirit. »
Dan Simmons (Hyperion's Cantos, Volume 1: Hyperion 1)

« Mr Thorne would have brought me the morning paper on set, but I had long learned that reading the follies and scandals of this world only serves to desecrate the sunrise. »
Dan Simmons (The Evil Exchequer, Volume 1)

« In the beginning was the verb. Then came the word processor, and their damn thought processor. The death of literature ensued. »
Dan Simmons (The Hyperion Cycle, Volume 1: Hyperion)

« He shits the square dung, whispers the captain with the breath. »
Dan Simmons (Ilium)

« On the old earth, in the 20th century, a fast food chain made a fortune just by selling its customers dead cow fried in grease, seasoned with carcinogens and packaged in hydrocarbon-based foam. »
Dan Simmons (Hyperion's Cantos, Volume 1: Hyperion 1)

« Do you know what we have in common with all these works that we are passionate about, Mahnmut? Mahnmut thinks for a moment. "No," he said. - They are inexhaustible. - Inexhaustible? - We never finished going around. If we were humans, these novels, poems and plays would evoke houses where we always find an unknown room, a secret staircase, a hidden attic..; that kind of thing. »
Dan Simmons (Ilium)

« Sobriety driving is rare in this country. (Albin Michel, 315) »
Dan Simmons (The Sons of Darkness)

« She interposed herself between the sun and him, creating an eclipse that surrounded his black curls with a halo. »
Dan Simmons (Hyperion's Cantos, Volume 1: Hyperion 1)

« "See you, as I demonstrate in detail in my next and modest book The Conquest of the West, the supremacy of the Whites, acquired from great struggle against the savages occupying the hostile lands of this continent, has given birth to a new human race: the American race." »
Dan Simmons (The Fifth Heart)

« While literature has been reduced to mere entertainment through deliberate vandalism and impoverishment of our once noble language, authors have become accustomed to coming and going between the heads of their heroes for the simple reason they can. »
Dan Simmons (The Fifth Heart)

« The naked dead man looked pale and vulnerable - torn throat, scarred chest, long white fingers, pale belly, flaccid genitalia, gaunt legs. Death, even in this age of resurrection, leaves little dignity even to those who have maintained their self-control throughout their lives. »
Dan Simmons (The Hyperion Cycle, Volume 4: The Awakening of Endymion)

« And when Death comes, wouldn't we be ready, for most of us, to give up all these pages, all this life wasted in fly paws and scribbles, for one more day, a single day fully lived and felt? What price would we writers be willing to pay for this one extra day spent in the company of those we ignored while we were locked in scraping and scribbling during our arrogant years of solipsistic isolation? Would we exchange all these pages for an hour, one hour? All our books in exchange for a real minute? »
Dan Simmons (Drood)

« I'm sick. I have fever, tremors, yesterday all day, I vomited a black bile. The rain is deafening. Orbital mirrors illuminate the top of the clouds all night long. The skies are ablaze. »
Dan Simmons (Hyperion's Cantos, Volume 1: Hyperion 1)

« Hockenberry, who had devoted his studies and life to classical letters, had little scientific knowledge, but he had seen enough science fiction films in his time to know what the consequences of a sudden decompression were: eyes that swelled to the point of becoming fat as grapefruits, eardrums exploding in blood geysers, the epidermis and tissues that dilate , heat and tear, the space vacuum offering no resistance to the internal pressures of the body. »
Dan Simmons (Olympos)

« Well, as far as I'm concerned (and like everything I write, it's all about me), I volunteered for the same reasons that, in 1977, when I was picnicking with friends, had pushed me to brag to them about a little-known film that I had just seen. "It's a fabulous thing! I was delirious. Original! Finally an exciting film like we haven't done in years! Go and see him! " What is the title of this work?" my friends asked me. (Beware of moviegoers who speak in these terms.) "Star Wars. - Ah... "Smiling contemptuous, new brie bite." Science fiction." That's the end of it. (from the intro to Poppy Z. Brite's Tales of the Green Fairy) »
Dan Simmons

« There were no nurses or doctors there — no adults. No cradles either: babies and small children sat on the tiled floor or competed for a place on half a dozen mattresses without bedding and stained with feces, thrown against the back wall. They were naked and their skulls had been shaved. (Albin Michel, p.28) »
Dan Simmons (The Sons of Darkness)

« I have always defied sports or outdoor activities that resemble religious beliefs to hear their followers preach. (Pocket, p.23) »
Dan Simmons (The Dogs of Winter)

« Reading - or at least sigler - it looks a lot like pregnancy, she says, rather happy with her metaphor. we feel overwhelmed with emotions and reactions for which we are not yet ready... we feel far too full, we no longer feel ourselves, we are catapulted to an uncertain destiny, towards a future where everything risks being turned upside down. »
Dan Simmons (Olympos)

« (...) at the top of the Matterhorn, the choice is clear: a misstep to the left and one dies in Italy; a gap to the right and one dies in Switzerland. »
Dan Simmons (The abominable)

« It was Grandam who had made me notice that the parish priests of the various villages on the edge of the moor, on Hyperion, tended to remain somewhat children: treated with deference by their parishioners, too pampered by housewives and women of all ages, never in real competition with other adult males. »
Dan Simmons (The Hyperion Cycle, Volume 4: The Awakening of Endymion)

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