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Seth Messenger : Colette's quotes

Colette said :

(Automatic translation)
« Our difficult and troubled life has more than ever need of serene images. More that ever we like a certain romance, scientific on the pages of the beautiful entomologies, with all the attractions of a magical truth. »
Colette (Journal à rebours)

« Live without happiness and not in point decline, this is an occupation, almost a profession. »
Colette (La retraite sentimentale)

« My god! That old age is so uncomfortable furniture! »

« The trip is necessary at short imaginations. »

« I am proud to have grown, matured, aged in the familiarity of the wine; to talk at an early age, we lose the spirit of intemperance and gluttony; one acquires, one forms his personal taste. »

« I entered the world of wine without other professional training as a certain delicacy of good bottles. »

« It takes with the words everyone write as a person. »

« This protective mood, this address to treat, this delicate maternity in the gesture - prerogative of women. »
Colette (La Vagabonde)

« When you brag to a mother the beauty of one of her daughters, she thinks that it is the ugliest who is the prettiest. »
Colette (La Naissance du jour)

« Time of the end of discoveries never rings. »

« There are two kinds of love: unfulfilled love, which makes you obnoxious, and happy love, that makes you an idiot. »

« A woman claims as many native countries she had happy love. »

« It is a language of difficult than the french. Just write for forty-five years to start noticing. »

« Things, but do them with enthusiasm. »

« It is wise to pour the oil of delicate politeness on the part of friendship. »
Colette (Le pur et l'impur)

« Too busy women man receives them, one day, his punishment. »

« Whether it's a beast or a child, convince, it is weakening. »
Colette (Le Pur et l'impur)

« There's no penalty irremediable, except death. »
Colette (La retraite sentimentale)

« Know what was hidden, it's the thrill, honour and the loss of the man. »
Colette (Mélanges)

« Choose, be chosen, love: immediately after come concern, the risk of losing, the fear of sowing regret. »
Colette (Le Fanal bleu)

« When a woman knows the preference of a man, including cigars, when a man knows what pleases a woman, they are well armed against the other. »

« It is good to deal with friendship as the wines and to be wary of the mixtures. »

« If you are not capable of a bit of witchcraft, it is not worth to get involved in kitchen... »

« The essential is not the flute, nor what she's playing, but the face behind the flute and who plays. »
Colette (Gigi)

« The world is new to me when I wake up each morning. »

« Free women are not women. »

« There are often more anxiety to await a pleasure only to suffer a penalty. »
Colette (Belles Saisons)

« There are only two species of beings humans: those who killed and those who were not killed. »
Colette (Le pur et l’impur)

« The vice is evil we do without pleasure. »
Colette (Claudine en ménage)

« The tranquility... It's good for those who have always chosen their fate, and rejected the other. »
Colette (Paix chez les bêtes)

« We only do well what we like. Neither science nor conscience shape a great Cook. »
Colette (Prisons et paradis)

« A woman who thinks smart asks for the same rights as men. A smart woman renounces. »

« Work toward the completed, is back to its starting point. »

« I am capable of fancy that in order. »

« The human face has always been my great landscape. »
Colette (En Pays connu)

« This isn't a novel about love while we make love. »
Colette (Lettres au petit corsaire)

« The difficult is not to give, is don't give everything away. »

« Today or we get married and there is no child or we don't get married and have kids. »

« Women are capable of all exercises of the man except to make wee standing against a wall. »

« It is hoped that, when they are the masters of the world, the insects will remember with gratitude that we rather well fed them during our picnics. »

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