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Seth Messenger : Claude Lévi-Strauss's quotes

Claude Lévi-Strauss said :

(Automatic translation)
Claude Lévi-Strauss
« The fatality, the unique exclusive tare which can afflict a human group and prevent it from fully realize its nature, it is to be alone. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Race et Histoire)

« Prior to biological evolution, scientific theory, social evolutionism is, too often, as falsely scientific makeup of an old philosophical problem, which is by no means certain that observation and induction can one day provide the key. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Race et Histoire)

« The symbols do not have a meaning intrinsic and invariable; they are not autonomous from the context. Their meaning is first position. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Mythologiques - Le Cru et le Cuit)

« It refuses to admit the same fact of cultural diversity; We prefer to reject out of culture, in nature, everything that does not conform to the standard under which we live. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Race et Histoire)

« Mankind settles in the mono-culture; She is about to produce mass civilization like the beet. His ordinary will no longer than this dish. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes tropiques)

« This is not only to deceive our children that we have them in the belief in Santa Claus: their fervor warms us and helps deceive us ourselves. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes tropiques)

« A trip at the same time fits in space, in time, and in the social hierarchy. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes Tropiques)

« What is the most painful is the total lack of solitude. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss

« The world began without man and it will end without him. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes Tropiques)

« The scholar is not the man who provides the real answers, but asking the real questions. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Le Cru et le cuit)

« The barbarian, first is one who believes in barbarism. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Race et histoire)

« A well-ordered humanism does not begin with oneself, but puts the world before life, life before man, respect for the other beings before self-esteem. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (L'Origine des manières de table.)

« Social life is to destroy what gives it its aroma. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes Tropiques)

« Humanity is constantly faced with two contradictory process which one tends to achieve unification, while the other is designed to maintain or restore the diversification. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Race et histoire)

« Only science is unable to answer all the questions, and despite its development, she will never be. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss

« The ego is not only hateful: he has no place among us and nothing. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes tropiques)

« Every marriage is a dramatic encounter between nature and culture, between the alliance and kinship. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Les Structures élémentaires de la parenté)

« The primary function of the written communication is to facilitate the enslavement. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes tropiques)

« Nothing looks more like the mythical thought that political ideology. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Anthropologie structurale)

« Anthropology is a discipline whose first goal, if not the only, is to analyze and interpret the differences. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Anthropologie structurale)

« Language is a human reason which has its reasons, and the man does not know. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (La pensée sauvage)

« Each story is accompanied by an unspecified number of anti-histoires, each of which is complementary to the other. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (La pensée sauvage)

« Preventing human access to happiness is not in his nature, but of the artifices of civilization. »
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Tristes tropiques)

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