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Seth Messenger : Charles Péguy's quotes

Charles Péguy said :

(Automatic translation)
Charles Péguy
« Women, I tell you, you if God even. »
Charles Péguy (Eve)

« Fathers, these great adventurers of the modern world. »
Charles Péguy (Victor-Marie, comte Hugo)

« Friendship is a one time operation. »
Charles Péguy (Pensées)

« The philosophical has pure hands; Unfortunately, he has no hands. »
Charles Péguy (Œuvres en prose complètes, 1992)

« What have we seen in the Dreyfus affair, in front of us, a such piles of dirt and ugliness that unless make us accomplices, we had to be desired with all our might that this had never happened in the history of the world. »
Charles Péguy (Cahiers de la Quinzaine, 1900)

« A review is not alive unless she unhappy every time a good fifth of its subscribers. Justice is only that it is not always the same ones in the fifth. »
Charles Péguy (Cahiers de la Quinzaine, 1913)

« We may never know what the fear of not appearing fairly advanced will be done cowardice to commit to our French. »
Charles Péguy (Œuvres en prose, 1959)

« Faith that I like better, God said, is hope. »
Charles Péguy (Le Porche du mystère de la deuxième vertu, 1941)

« Blessed are those who have died in a just war. Happy ripe cobs and harvested wheat! »
Charles Péguy (Ève (1914))

« The mystique is the invincible force of the weak. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« Politics mocks the mystique, but it's still the mystique that feeds the same policy. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« A review is not alive unless she unhappy every time a good fifth of its subscribers. »
Charles Péguy (L'argent)

« Everything is played before we have twelve. »
Charles Péguy (L'argent)

« Those who are silent, the only people whose word counts. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« There are unjust orders, which hide the worst disorders. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« It's one that introduced a concern a great philosophy is not one that installs a final truth. »
Charles Péguy

« Modernism is a system of convenience. Freedom is a system of deference. Freedom is a system of courage. Freedom is the virtue of the poor. »
Charles Péguy (L'argent)

« Aging is basically a memory operation. However it's memory that makes the entire depth of the man. »
Charles Péguy (Clio)

« A dead soul is a soul completely used. »
Charles Péguy

« When a company is unable to teach, it is that this company cannot be taught. »
Charles Péguy (Pour la rentrée)

« A used to judge is a judge death to justice. »
Charles Péguy

« The Jew is a man who always reads, the protestant is a man who reads from Calvin, the Catholic is a man who reads from Ferry. »
Charles Péguy

« It's an unbearable abuse of paternal authority of trying to impose the new generations the drivel of the aged generation we are. »
Charles Péguy

« God is not the end of the month. »
Charles Péguy

« It's annoying, says God, when he no longer these French. There are things that I do, there is more person to understand. »
Charles Péguy (Le Mystère des Saints-Innocents)

« A friendship is lost when you need to defend it. »
Charles Péguy (Les cahiers de la quinzaine)

« The right does not have peace, he fought in the war. »
Charles Péguy

« The smallest of the fishermen can abort a hope of God. God can do not just fall. The wisdom of God by we can fail. And we can do all miss. »
Charles Péguy (Le Porche du mystère de la deuxième vertu)

« The devotees. Because they are not human they believe they are God. Because they don't like anybody, they think they love God. »
Charles Péguy (Pensées)

« There is something worse than to have a bad thought. It is a ready-made thought. »
Charles Péguy

« Love is giving reason loved which is wrong. »
Charles Péguy (Note conjointe sur Monsieur Descartes)

« Memory and habit are the quartermasters of death. »
Charles Péguy (Note conjointe sur Monsieur Descartes)

« It should still see that there are apparent orders covering, which are the worst disorders. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« All party lives of its mystique and dies of its policy. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« Honest people to what they acknowledged their bad shots with more awkwardness than others. »
Charles Péguy

« The order, and the order alone, ultimately freedom. The disorder made the easement. »
Charles Péguy (Cahiers de la quinzaine)

« A true scientist, who works in his lab, wrote point science with a capital S. »
Charles Péguy (Cahiers de la quinzaine)

« Any father who his son raises his hand is guilty: of having a son who raised a hand on him. »
Charles Péguy (Cahiers de la quinzaine)

« The classic met in his sincerity, the romantic in its laborious insincerity. »
Charles Péguy (Préface de "La grève" de Jean Hugues)

« The triumph of the demagoguery is temporary, but the ruins are eternal. »
Charles Péguy

« Forty years is a terrible age. Because this is the age where we become what we are. »
Charles Péguy (Victor-Marie, comte Hugo)

« The world is full of honest people. You can tell that they make bad shots with more awkwardness. »
Charles Péguy

« A Word is not the same in a writer and another. One is pulled from the womb. The other pulls him from the pocket of his overcoat. »
Charles Péguy

« One who lacks too much daily bread has more no taste to the eternal bread. »
Charles Péguy (Le mystère de la charité de Jeanne d'Arc)

« The only force, the only value the dignity of all; It is to be loved. »
Charles Péguy (Notre jeunesse)

« Happy two friends who love each other enough to (know) be silent together. »
Charles Péguy (Victor-Marie comte Hugo)

« There are tears of love that will last longer than the stars in the sky. »
Charles Péguy

« Let me sometimes to think between my meals, which makes me lose a lot of time. »
Charles Péguy

« When it comes to ancient history, can't do history because there is a lack of references. When it comes to modern history, can't make history, because it is full of references. »
Charles Péguy (Clio)

« Homer is new this morning and nothing is perhaps as old as today's newspaper. »
Charles Péguy (Cahiers de la quinzaine)

« A capitulation is essentially an operation by which we put to explain instead of Act. »
Charles Péguy (Les cahiers de la quinzaine)

« Parliamentary Government is not so much the Government of the Forum; and, it is not the Government of the commissions; It is the Government of the corridors. »
Charles Péguy (Les cahiers de la quinzaine)

« Slander is in politics less obtrusive than the manifestation of truth. »
Charles Péguy (Les cahiers de la quinzaine)

« The policies themselves think like us policy; they are the first to estimate it what it's worth; that is to despise. »
Charles Péguy (Les Cahiers de la quinzaine)

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