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Seth Messenger : Cardinal de Retz's quotes

Cardinal de Retz said :

(Automatic translation)
Cardinal de Retz
« Trust is a very rare quality, and that mark as a spirit raised above the ordinary. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Always try to train its projects to ensure their success even be followed by some advantage. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The big names are still great reasons to the whiz kids. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« What is needed is never ridiculous. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There are very far from the desire to the will, the will to the resolution, the resolution to the choice of means, the choice of means to the application. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There is nothing so annoying as to be the Minister of a prince, which is not the favorite. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Fear is never a remedy about. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Weak people distinguish never quite what they want what they want. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Contempt is the most dangerous disease of a State, and which the contagion spreads more easily and more promptly to the Chief in the members. »
Cardinal de Retz

« Consider small incidents like victories which must always sacrificing in big business. »
Cardinal de Retz

« Brings a people moves. »
Cardinal de Retz (Maximes et réflexions du Cardinal de Retz (P.Dupuy))

« Of all the passions, fear is the one that weakens the most judgment. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The greatest misfortune of civil wars is that one is responsible for the pain even that is not. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There are often change their opinion to be always of his party. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« SE too set up as a negotiator is not always the best quality for the negotiation. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« It is less reckless to act as master of not talking as a subject. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There are people who prefer the satisfaction that they find in themselves to success. »
Cardinal de Retz

« All that is quite extraordinary seems possible, to those who are capable of the ordinary, that it happened. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« We don't get out of ambiguity to his detriment. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« All the great things that are not executed are still impassable to those who aren't capable of great things. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There is nothing in the world that does not have a decisive moment. »
Cardinal de Retz

« There is nothing so dangerous as flattery in circumstances where that flatters you can be afraid. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Any man that the only fortune made public man becomes almost always, with a little time, a particularly ridiculous. One does not return to this State. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Undecided minds almost never follow their views or their feeling, as long as they have an excuse to not settle. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The present touches always, without comparison, more weak souls than the same future. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« What is even despicable isn't always to despise. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« It is much more natural to fear to consult to decide. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The spirit in big business is nothing without the heart. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There are species of scares that don't dissipate by fears of a higher degree. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« There is a small steps in big business. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The public man never gets so high that when he doesn't know where he's going. »
Cardinal de Retz

« The effects of the weak are inconceivable, and I maintain that they are more prodigious than those of most violent passions »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« A man who does not trust oneself does never really trust anyone. »
Cardinal de Retz

« The weakness will never bend about. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Befits a Minister to say silly things to do worse. »
Cardinal de Retz (Maximes et réflexions)

« The clergy who always gives the example of the easement, the preaching to others under the title of obedience. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The most defiant people are often the most fools. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« In fact, slander, everything that does not harm serves that is attacked. »
Cardinal de Retz

« Down to small is the surest way to is equal to adults. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« We have more punishment in the parties to live with those who are to act against those who are opposed. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Those who are head of big business are not less embarrassment in their party, as in that of their enemies. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Scruples and greatness were always incompatible. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« What makes force increases it. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Nothing marks both sound judgment of a man, to know how to choose between the great disadvantages. »
Cardinal de Retz

« Make a law and not to make run, is allow the thing we want to defend. »
Cardinal de Retz

« The experience makes us know that what is incredible is not wrong. »
Cardinal de Retz

« Men never believe others capable of what they are not able to do themselves. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« It is more often tricked by the defiance by confidence. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Weak people don't never bend when they must. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« A man who does not trust yourself doesn't really trust anyone. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« All that is needed is never random. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« It is, in my view, of a bigger man to admit his fault of not to do the. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Throws the truth, when it is to a certain Karat, a way to shine that cannot resist... »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« Decrease the desire: what is the largest of all the secrets. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

« The smallest things are often best brands that big. »
Cardinal de Retz (Mémoires)

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