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Seth Messenger : Camille Laurens's quotes

Camille Laurens said :

(Automatic translation)
Camille Laurens
« Any love letter is a calligram of the future. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« There is something exhilarating and deliver the raw facts to be observed on the face of the other transformations that they operate. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« There are two things unbearable in the literature: stories of dreams and prolonged sex. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« To write is to translate into words thoughts, facts, feelings, sensations, the body, the flesh, the silence. Life is the foreign language of the writer. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« What can we understand the books when we suffered? »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« We can seduce anyone with words written for him on a sheet of paper. It is a power amazing, phenomenal, monstrous, albeit little-used: the love letter is formidable, but unknown effectiveness. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« A writer is never the reader of his work, even fifty years after writing it; If he opens one of his books, from the first line, he starts to write it. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« The jealousy of women is immeasurable, especially when they are between them. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« If the woman, says the poet, is the future of man, sometimes away from the songs, that the child is the past of the woman. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« The romantic radius of the impossible love, there is no answer, there are thousand. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« Read, it's watching death without seeing, without believing, gaping eyes, blissful eyes. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« Remember, it is never over, there is no beginning and no end. »
Camille Laurens (Libération - 29 mars 2001)

« Literature is a machine to make memories and death, a factory of wills. No novel did not plan for the future. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« All novels are a staggering conformism in meetings with passage to the Act. »
Camille Laurens

« There are men masters in the art of hearing the dumb questions. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« Murder, in humans, is nearby, it's just under the skin, quivering, it's at the edge of the eyes like the desire, flower head. The murder, in a sense, is only a figure of desire: the desire to spend. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« The father is the only face of man who is given to a woman; the father is the only man that it is never given to be. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« If we could identify themselves, if we knew appear in the evidence of her sex, in the certainty of his being, we would not write, there is no story, no subject, not object. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« The end, when it's over, how is known, how do we, how it ends? »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« It is simple a body, it is a simple language. Everyone talks about, by the way, but no one understands. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Women are seeking the man in their life, but sometimes it looks like the man to death, it's the same, sometimes. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« The truth is what is written. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Love is born there of what there is something impossible? Love is what we don't ever kiss of the look? »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« History doesn't not the form of a convoy which the moving cars éloigneraient still more to the station, but a tale of woman could, without even having to go through thick forests, find asleep the man she loves. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« The author, despite the shorthand, never meets his readers. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« By definition, all men are taken. But for some, there is the game. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« This is the best proof of love: take the liberty to stay while we could get out. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« We can't life at seventy-five, no, but we can start it. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« A slow, it is the degree zero of inspiration: as a letter where they'd only put: I love you. »
Camille Laurens (L'Avenir)

« Silence is a refusal to belong. »
Camille Laurens (L'avenir)

« The friend is sad, it's a kind of heartache. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Men are always more sunken in death. Have what crime they committed to deliver it into oblivion? »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Can you show without being naked? »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Love, that's when we say nothing - what arguably worth? »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Sex is madness when, rather than unite, it separates, referring the man to the delirium of his solitude. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« This brings also life, this word that captures the other remotely, wherever it is, like a hand on the shoulder. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Love is not a social relationship. It does not say, these are things that are not said. Love is translated in silence or cry. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Every word is too much when you desire, besides talk cancels it - there is no words to tell the desire, no common words which only serve to tamper with him, to hide it, to appease or to destroy. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« The friend is rare in itself. It is rather an abstract figure, an imaginary projection or a mythology adapted as well as to ordinary life. The friend does not exist, in fact, it is a convenient name given to some. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Fidelity, it's an idea hollow, a vanity blind, as if we had something, as if we thought we were immortal, as we did. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Men leave their wives because they can no longer have children. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Deceive, play, betray: the secrets of love. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Women do not men; These aren't women that men do. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« First love is eternal, time does not pass, it is the principle of love. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

« Physical performance isn't so much a metaphor for sexual power as a representation of the triumphant men despair, leap need them do to be more deadly. »
Camille Laurens (Dans ces bras-là)

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