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Seth Messenger : Bouddha's quotes

Bouddha said :

(Automatic translation)
« Meditation develops wisdom. »

« The clouds do not disappear, they turn into rain. »

« The mind unstable and dispersed, ignoring the true doctrine, loving flattery, won't ever ripe for wisdom. »

« All human beings live are Buddha and have them wisdom and virtues. »

« If you can't find wise, ready to walk with you, solved, constant friend, walks alone, like a King after a conquest or an elephant in the forest. »

« Great articulate speech isn't a sign of wisdom. The calm man, without hatred or fear, deserves to be called wise. »

« Never hatred ceases by hatred; It is the kindness that reconciles. »

« Be your own torch to yourself. »

« Time is a great teacher, the misfortune, but he kills her students. »

« One who asks is trompeCelui that answer is wrong. »

« Can we turn on dozens of candles from a single without to shorten life. It does not diminish the happiness by sharing. »

« Since hatred will never cease with hatred, hatred will cease with love. »
Bouddha (Suttapitaka Dighanikaya)

« We are what we think. All that we are is the result of our thoughts. With our thoughts, we build our world. »

« You should never blame the belief of others, as it doesn't harm anyone. There are even circumstances where one must honor the belief that we don't share in others. »

« Patience is the largest of the prayers. »

« Everything is false and true at the same time: this is the true character of the Act. »
Bouddha (Prajna Paramita Sutra)

« There are more tears shed on the Earth that there is water in the ocean. »

« Happiness is born the misfortune of selfishness and altruism. »

« Between heaven and Earth, there is only a temporary home. »

« A conscience troubled by desires cannot free himself. A wisdom disturbed by ignorance cannot develop. »

« A fool may remain for years in contact with science, he will no more know the taste of science the spoon dipped in the sauce doesn't know the taste of the sauce. »
Bouddha (Dhammapada)

« I call wise who, innocent as it is, bears insults and blows with equal strength patience. »
Bouddha (Dhammapada)

« Do not dwell in the past, dream not of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. »

« Regardless of the number of Holy words you read, you say, what good you will make if your actions are adhering to not? »

« With our thoughts, we make the world. »

« A conscience troubled by desires cannot free himself; and a wisdom disturbed by ignorance cannot develop. »

« All images are lies, the absence of image is also lie. »

« The peasant digging channels in the fields, the gunsmith shapes the arrow, the curved wood Carpenter, but the wise man perfects himself. »

« Don't believe individuals, rely on lessons; don't believe the words, trust you in the ultimate sense, do not have the intellect, rely on wisdom. »

« The achievement in practice. »

« Who engages in clear meditations quickly finds joy in all that is good. He sees that the riches and beauty are impermanent and that wisdom is the most precious of jewels. »

« The foolish recognizing his folly is, in truth, wise. But the fool who thinks wise is really crazy. »

« Under heaven, there is nothing that is stable, nothing lasts forever. »

« There are four unlimited thoughts: love, compassion, joy and equanimity. »

« Two things contribute to knowledge: the quiet silence and interiority. »

« It is by faith that we can cross the streams. And that's the wisdom that you get purity. »

« Be yourselves your own refuge. Be yourselves your own light. »
Bouddha (Dhammapada)

« Those who in the battle defeated thousand thousands of men and who is is defeated himself, it is the latter that is the biggest winner. »

« One who has spread the lust, hatred and stupidity, resembles a rubbed mirror. »

« Easy to see are the faults of others; those of the self are difficult to see. »

« Any conquest begets hate, as the vanquished remains in poverty. The one that stands to be peaceful, having abandoned any idea of victory or defeat, remains happy. »

« Purity and impurity are personal, no one can purify another. »

« Who, after having been negligent, becomes vigilant, illuminates the Earth as the Moon emerging from the clouds. »

« By the evolution of the acts, who strips is stripped in turn. »

« As well as a monkey who takes his Frolics in the forest grabs a branch and then immediately abandons him to hang on to another, for example, what you name thought, knowledge, forms and dissolves repeatedly. »

« The world is blind. Few are those who see. »

« It is a rare find in this world to have a heart without desire. »

« Doubt everything and especially what I tell you. »

« There's nothing constant if it is change. »

« Strap in to the sage who disapprove of your faults. »

« As long as man loves a woman, it was the least of them, he is reduced to slavery, as the young calf who head his mother. »
Bouddha (Dhammapada)

« Live happily, without hating those who hate us. »

« The man who strives to pick the pleasures as flowers, is seized by death which will prevail as a busy torrent take a sleepy village. »
Bouddha (Dhammapada)

« The spirit is unstable and difficult to control. He runs wherever he wants. It is good to dominate. Tamed mind assure happiness. »

« Who is the master of him same is greater than the one who is the master of the world. »

« Good is the action which brings no regret, and the fruit is greeted with joy and serenity. »

« Better than a thousand words without sense is a reasonable Word, which can bring home those who listen to him. »

« Vigilance is the path of the immortal Kingdom. Negligence that leads to death. »

« If with a pure mind, someone speaks or acts, then happiness follows him like a shadow that never leaves. »

« Stay angry, it is like a burning coal with the intent of throwing it at someone; It is you who you burn. »

« If hatred is hatred, how hatred end? »

« Oneself, in truth, is wrong. »

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