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Seth Messenger : Bertrand Russell's quotes

Bertrand Russell said :

(Automatic translation)
Bertrand Russell
« Math can be defined as the science in which we never know what we are talking about nor whether what you say is true. »
Bertrand Russell (Mysticisme and logique)

« The place of the father in the modern urban family is restricted, particularly if he plays golf. »
Bertrand Russell

« Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps one that is the most fatal to true happiness. »
Bertrand Russell (La Conquête du bonheur)

« Mathematics is a science in that you never know what we're talking about, and where you never know if what you say is true. »
Bertrand Russell

« Philosophy draws its value from its very uncertainty. »
Bertrand Russell

« One of the symptoms of a near nervous breakdown is to believe that the work we do is terribly important. »
Bertrand Russell

« The most furious controversy have for purpose of material where there is any kind of evidence. »
Bertrand Russell

« When you tell people that happiness is a simple question, they want you always. »
Bertrand Russell (Autobiographie)

« Man is a credulous animal who needs to believe. In the absence of valid reasons to believe, he is satisfied with bad. »
Bertrand Russell

« I believe that bad philosophers can have some influence, never good. »
Bertrand Russell

« It is better to aim perfection and missed her aim imperfection and reach it. »
Bertrand Russell

« No event does. »
Bertrand Russell (La connaissance humaine)

« The experts will have beautiful to mettrent all agree, it can be wrong. »
Bertrand Russell

« The problem in the world is that fools are confident and proud as the cocks of low Court, while the intelligent are full of doubt. »
Bertrand Russell

« Church did what she could to ensure that the only form of sexuality allowed resorted very little pleasure and a lot of suffering. »
Bertrand Russell (Pourquoi je ne suis pas chrétien)

« Only those who bow down like slaves to success may find that efficiency is admirable regardless of achievement to which it tends. »
Bertrand Russell (Pourquoi je ne suis pas chrétien)

« The essence of the idea of just, it is to offer a way to sadism in attaching the cruelty of the mask of justice. »
Bertrand Russell (Pourquoi je ne suis pas chrétien)

« A lot of things that we considered to be natural laws are in fact purely human conventions. »
Bertrand Russell (Pourquoi je ne suis pas chrétien)

« Mathematics may be defined as a science in which you never know what we're talking about, nor whether what they say is true. »
Bertrand Russell

« What men really want, is not knowledge, is certainty. »
Bertrand Russell

« In any discussion, the more delicate is always make the difference between a dispute of words and a substantive feud. »
Bertrand Russell (ABC de la relativité)

« The divorce between history and geography is due to the divorce between the space and time. »
Bertrand Russell (ABC de la relativité)

« Being able to occupy his leisure time intelligently, such is the ultimate product of civilization. »
Bertrand Russell (La Conquête du bonheur)

« Men who are unhappy, like those who sleep poorly, are still proud of this fact. »
Bertrand Russell (La conquête du bonheur)

« Obscenity is all that is shocking an any magistrate old and ignorant. »
Bertrand Russell (Look)

« Christian humility is preached by the clergy and practised by the flock. »
Bertrand Russell

« Most people would rather die than think. That's what they do. »
Bertrand Russell

« The object of philosophy is to start with something so simple that it's not worth talking about and to arrive at something so complicated that nobody understands more nothing. »
Bertrand Russell

« Boredom in this world, is that idiots are confident and sensible people full of doubts. »
Bertrand Russell

« The equations do not explode. »
Bertrand Russell (The Observer)

« If I were a doctor, I prescribe a holiday to all patients who consider that their work is important. »
Bertrand Russell

« Men are born ignorant, not stupid. It's education that makes them stupid. »
Bertrand Russell

« The fundamental defect of fathers is to want their offspring to do them honor. »
Bertrand Russell (Essais sceptiques)

« The purpose of philosophy is to start with something so simple that it's not even worth talking about and to end with something so paradoxical that no one wants to believe. »
Bertrand Russell

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