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Seth Messenger : Benjamin Constant's quotes

Benjamin Constant said :

(Automatic translation)
Benjamin Constant
« Some Governments, when they send their legions from one pole to the other, are still talking about the defense of their homes; looks like they call their homes all the places where they set the fire. »
Benjamin Constant (De l'esprit de conquête)

« Arbitrariness is morale that the plague is in the physical. »
Benjamin Constant (De l'esprit de conquête)

« Tender mother! You can't leave me, even in my dreams. »
Benjamin Constant (Le Diable amoureux)

« We must decide, Act and shut up. »
Benjamin Constant (Journal intime)

« Each individual has within itself a coalition that is a civil war. Death is the great peacemaker. »
Benjamin Constant

« Only the heart can plead his case. »
Benjamin Constant (Adolphe)

« I'll always be your friend; I'll always have the deepest affection for you. These two years of our relationship will never fade from my memory; they will always be the most beautiful time of my life. But love, you see, this transport of the senses, this involuntary intoxication, this oversight of all interests and all the homework, I never saw »
Benjamin Constant

« We talked about love for fear of us talk about something else. »
Benjamin Constant

« The multiplicity of laws flatters in legislators two natural inclinations, the need for action and fun to believe necessary. »
Benjamin Constant

« We must thank the men as possible because the recognition shown easily persuades them that they are too! »
Benjamin Constant (Journal intime)

« Most of the men in politics, as in all, conclude their recklessness results the firmness of their principles. »
Benjamin Constant (Journal intime)

« Men who are said to be hard are in fact far more sensitive than those which it boasts expansive sensitivity. They are hard because their sensibility, being real, made them suffer. »
Benjamin Constant (Journal intime)

« The war and trade are two different ways to achieve the same goal: the right to own what you desire. »
Benjamin Constant

« How it is better to suffer oppression of enemies that blush from the excesses of his allies. »
Benjamin Constant (De la liberté chez les modernes)

« The excess of taxes led to the subversion of justice, the deterioration in morality, to the destruction of individual freedom. »
Benjamin Constant (Principes de politique)

« Death, unexplainable mystery, whose daily experience seems to have not yet convinced the men. »
Benjamin Constant (Adolphe)

« As soon as a man has the necessary, it does to the elevation in the soul to do without the superfluous. »
Benjamin Constant (Principes de politique)

« The feelings that we pretend, we test them. »
Benjamin Constant (Adolphe)

« I'm too skeptical to be faithless. »
Benjamin Constant

« The right to the insurgency belongs to anyone, or it belongs to everyone. No class can make a monopoly of the insurgency. »
Benjamin Constant (Discours - 23 Février 1825)

« The only guarantee of the citizens against the arbitrary, this is advertising. »
Benjamin Constant (Observations sur le discours prononcé par S.E. le ministre de l'intérieur - 20 Août 1814)

« Riddle of the world, I fear that she has only two words: spread for pain for individuals and species. »
Benjamin Constant (Journal)

« Peoples, who have more votes have not less memory. »
Benjamin Constant

« The precautions he took to make this feeling point realised were precisely what made him come true. »
Benjamin Constant (Cécile)

« Woe to the man who, in the early stages of an affair of love, does not believe that this binding must be eternal! »
Benjamin Constant (Adolphe)

« This is a great advantage in the business of life to know how to take the offensive: the man attacked deal always. »
Benjamin Constant (Journal intime)

« We are so mobile creatures that the feelings that we pretend, we end up experiencing them. »
Benjamin Constant (Adolphe)

« The recognition has a short memory. »
Benjamin Constant

« It is a terrible misfortune to be not liked when we love. But it's a much greater to be loved with passion when you love more. »
Benjamin Constant

« If I showed me to others as I am, they would believe me crazy. But if they were to me what they are, maybe would I believe them crazy also? »
Benjamin Constant

« As soon as there is a secret between two hearts who love each other, as soon as one of them was able to bring himself to hide one idea to another, the spell is broken, the happiness is destroyed. »
Benjamin Constant (Adolphe)

« Almost all of the old Governments are sweet because they are old and new Governments hard, because they are new. »
Benjamin Constant (Le cahier rouge)

« Don't be obstinate in maintaining that collapses, nor too eager in the establishment of what appears to be announced. »
Benjamin Constant

« Entrust his own defence in the future to the past its own fulfillment. »
Benjamin Constant

« I feel an inexpressible charm to walk in blind front what I fear. »
Benjamin Constant (Lettre)

« The variety is of the Organization; uniformity, is the mechanism. The variety is life; uniformity, is death. »
Benjamin Constant (De l'esprit de la conquête et de l'usurpation)

« The ridiculous attack anything, and does not destroy anything. »
Benjamin Constant (De l'esprit de conquête et de l'usurpation)

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