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Seth Messenger : Baruch Spinoza's quotes

Baruch Spinoza said :

(Automatic translation)
Baruch Spinoza
« Do not mock, not regret, do not curse, but understand. »
Baruch Spinoza

« It is better to teach the virtues that condemn vices. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Repentance is a second fault. »
Baruch Spinoza

« We don't want to things because they're beautiful, but it's because you really want them they are beautiful. »
Baruch Spinoza

« A good conscience don't us excited at our loss but always at notresalut. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Bliss is not the reward of virtue, but virtue itself. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Hatred must be overcome by the love and generosity. »
Baruch Spinoza

« The cat is not required to live according to the laws of the lion. »
Baruch Spinoza

« The man will never have the perfection of the horse. »
Baruch Spinoza

« The view of me the vulgar who keeps accusing me of atheism; I see myself forced to fight as much as I can. »
Baruch Spinoza (Lettre à Oldenburg, 1665)

« Pride is having, by love, a more advantageous opinion than to reason about oneself. »
Baruch Spinoza (L'Ethique)

« The free man who lives among the ignorant, applies as much as it can to avoid their benefits. »
Baruch Spinoza (L'éthique)

« Joy is the passage of a lesser man to a greater perfection. »
Baruch Spinoza (L’Ethique)

« The Word gives the thought its existence the highest and noblest. »
Baruch Spinoza

« It's a common flaw men to entrust their designs to others. »
Baruch Spinoza

« We don't want any thing because we find it good, but on the contrary, we consider that a thing is good because we desire it. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a State of mind, a willingness to benevolence, confidence, justice. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Fear cannot dispense hope and the hope of fear. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Only certainly a fierce and sad superstition forbids to take pleasures. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« Wisdom is not meditation on death, but life meditation. »
Baruch Spinoza

« The thing in the world that a free man thinks least, is death; and wisdom is not of death but of life meditation. »
Baruch Spinoza

« The desire that is born of joy is stronger than the desire that is born of sadness. »
Baruch Spinoza (L'éthique)

« The being of a being is to persevere in its being. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« A free man thinks any thing less than death, and his wisdom is a meditation not of death but of life. »
Baruch Spinoza

« We feel and experience that we are eternal. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Understanding the beginning to approve. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Any man prefer giving orders than receiving. »
Baruch Spinoza

« It's slaves, not to free men, that is a gift to reward will be well led. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Insofar as something suitable for our nature, it is necessarily good. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Men are driven by the blind desire by reason. »
Baruch Spinoza (Traité politique)

« The experience does not teach us the essences of things. »
Baruch Spinoza (Lettre X à Simon de Vries)

« The desire is the essence of man, that is to say the effort by which man strives to persevere in its being. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« Men are wrong when they think they're free; This opinion is that only they are aware of their actions and ignorant of the causes by which they are determined. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« The supreme good of the soul is the knowledge of God; and the supreme virtue of the soul, is to know God. »
Baruch Spinoza (L'Éthique)

« No one can have God hate. »
Baruch Spinoza (L'Éthique)

« If you want life smile you, first bring him your good mood. »
Baruch Spinoza

« Our soul, as it perceives things in a real way, is a part of the infinite intelligence of God. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« The intellectual love of the soul to God is a part of the infinite love which God loves himself. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« The height of arrogance, or of abjection, is the height of ignorance to yourself. »
Baruch Spinoza (L'éthique)

« The inner satisfaction is indeed what we can hope for more. »
Baruch Spinoza (Ethique)

« Seek joy by decree of reason. »
Baruch Spinoza

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