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Seth Messenger : Aurélien Scholl's quotes

Aurélien Scholl said :

(Automatic translation)
Aurélien Scholl
« I respect the opinion of individuals in general and the opinion of the generals in particular. »
Aurélien Scholl

« We take his pain where it is found. »
Aurélien Scholl

« We saw the iron age, the age of lead... Here we are in the age of rubber, where consciences are elastic. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The appearance is a curtain behind which we can do whatever we want, but it is essential to draw. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The gaiety of the man retains the beauty of women. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Tact: an ability to lie. »
Aurélien Scholl

« In all things, do not take to the demolisher who cry in the middle of the ruins. »
Aurélien Scholl

« There are people who come down from their ancestors, others who tumble. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The misfortune is true equality. »
Aurélien Scholl

« It is the doctor who made the reputation of the disease, and it is the disease that made the reputation of the doctor. »
Aurélien Scholl

« It is easier to shout against the world to hold its place. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The world is badly made: it is precisely during the nights the darkest that we don't see the Moon! »
Aurélien Scholl

« A super deal: buy all the consciences at the price they are worth and sell for what they feel. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Politics is usually compared to a chessboard. Wrong: it's a game of checkers. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The third flag, the flag of Tin, the majority of the french flag, it's the weather vane. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The France is again, but she will be always resurfaced. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Youth learning by intuition. If we knew what you learn could not. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Dessert: a sin if you're alone, a sin if we're two. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Political discussion is over, we insult. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Is not everything to have the spirit, you must know how to use it. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Politics is a much easier it is to deceive people who suspect that we cheated. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Never gives up a ready book: it is easier to keep the book as what's inside. »
Aurélien Scholl

« There may not be of monarchy in the planets, because they all do a revolution. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Bad business is good. The water is turbid, best is fishing. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Literature, when it is not an art, is at least a liberal profession. »
Aurélien Scholl

« A good example is better than follow. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Weddings have their honeymoon; the last also. »
Aurélien Scholl

« If men were dying at forty years and sixteen women, virtue wouldn't be a Word. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Unliked isn't that something, do not say is an insult. »
Aurélien Scholl

« A woman who gives herself is not always a woman who gets lost. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Never strike a woman, she would quickly take the habit and this would very quickly become tiring. »
Aurélien Scholl

« We start with an easy husband; eventually be an easy husband. »
Aurélien Scholl

« During the siege, all the women ate the dog. We thought that this food saw them principles of loyalty. Not at all. They demanded necklaces. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Marital fidelity, a terrible itching with defense to scratch. »
Aurélien Scholl (Poivre et sel)

« Let's see! If God did not exist, how could he have a son? »
Aurélien Scholl

« God himself believes in advertising: he put bells in churches. »
Aurélien Scholl (L'esprit du boulevard)

« The time the most favorable for the repression of abuse, this is the day where it is discovered. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Fur, it is a skin that changes of beast. »
Aurélien Scholl

« No, I do not fear death. Only, I find that providence has badly arranged things. So I would much prefer to bury my soul and this is my body which is immortal. »
Aurélien Scholl

« What need for revenge of a woman? Nature does it, there to wait. »
Aurélien Scholl

« The earthquake is a movement of the Earth's crust, which begins with a swing and eventually a raffle. »
Aurélien Scholl

« Modesty, is the cover of the talent. »
Aurélien Scholl

« What is happier for historians is that the dead can protest. »
Aurélien Scholl

« There was a time when animals spoke; Today they write. »
Aurélien Scholl

« To go faster, I always add up and down: I'm doing at the same time the addition and the evidence. »
Aurélien Scholl

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