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Seth Messenger : Arthur Koestler's quotes

Arthur Koestler said :

(Automatic translation)
Arthur Koestler
« In the social equation the individual figure both zero and infinity. »
Arthur Koestler (Le Yogi et le commissaire)

« Since the dawn of consciousness until the middle of our century, man has had to live with the prospect of his death as an individual; since Hiroshima, humanity must live with the prospect of its extinction as a biological species. »
Arthur Koestler (Face au néant)

« It is easy to believe, easy to disbelieve. What's hard is to not believe in his unbelief. »
Arthur Koestler

« You come to the writer? Beware, it is disappointing... It's as if after eating foie gras you met the oie in person. »
Arthur Koestler

« Intellectual curiosity - understanding - derives from a need as fundamental as hunger or sexuality: energy Explorer. »
Arthur Koestler

« The law of inertia applies to the imagination: we cannot believe that tomorrow will be different today. »
Arthur Koestler

« Mobile of the humorist are aggression, those of artist participation, those of the scholar of exploration. »
Arthur Koestler

« The need for conquest comes from strength, the need for participation comes from the sublime amazement. »
Arthur Koestler

« Which argues the better in favour of the abolition of the death penalty, these are the argument used by his followers, and their mentality. »
Arthur Koestler (Réflexions sur la Peine Capitale)

« The distinction between the true and the false applies to ideas, not feelings. A feeling can be superficial, it will never lying. »
Arthur Koestler (La Corde raide)

« True creation begins where language ends. »
Arthur Koestler (Le cri d'Archimède)

« We can add to our knowledge, we cannot subtract nothing. »
Arthur Koestler (Les somnambules)

« Develop, it is to be in a slump. »
Arthur Koestler (Les call-girls)

« It is more efficient to cut off heads of split hairs. »
Arthur Koestler (Les Call-girls)

« Discover it is often reveal something that has always been there, but usually concealed from our eyes. »
Arthur Koestler (Le Cri d'Archimède)

« Adam and Eve were Soviet: they were naked, the fruit they ate was defended and, nevertheless, they imagined paradise. »
Arthur Koestler

« More a discovery's original, more it seems obvious then. »
Arthur Koestler

« One who understands and forgives - where so find a motive of action? »
Arthur Koestler (Le zéro et l'infini)

« The maturity of the masses is their ability to recognize their own interests. »
Arthur Koestler (Le zéro et l'infini)

« Suffering has its limits, not fear. »
Arthur Koestler

« The existence of an omniscient, omnipotent God and who would love its essential principle is contradicted by the history of mankind. »
Arthur Koestler (L'express - Février 1979)

« Society and science have so immersed in the ideas of the mechanism, utilitarianism and free economic competition, that s e l e c tion has replaced God as the ultimate reality. »
Arthur Koestler

« Psychoanalysts are the sewer of the soul; the penetrating smell of their profession follows them into their private lives. »
Arthur Koestler (Testament espagnol)

« We don't have wars for territory but for words. »
Arthur Koestler (Bricks to Babel)

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