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Seth Messenger : Anton Tchekhov's quotes

Anton Tchekhov said :

(Automatic translation)
Anton Tchekhov
« An unfaithful wife is like a great slaughter of cold meat, which we don't want, because someone has already affected. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets de notes)

« If you have little time, do nothing? »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets de notes)

« The dead do not know shame, but they stink horribly. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets)

« The man needs only three metres of land. The man? No, the corpse. The man needs to the entire globe. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets de notes)

« The current culture is just the beginning of a long work, which will last for perhaps thousands of years, so that one day finally mankind knows the truth of a God. »
Anton Tchekhov

« Between God exists and God does not exist, extends a huge field that crosses to great difficulty the true sage. »
Anton Tchekhov

« Can't be beautiful which is serious. »
Anton Tchekhov (La mouette)

« In the universe remains unchanging as the spirit. »
Anton Tchekhov (La Mouette)

« Everything has been said and done, and no literature cannot exceed the cynicism of reality. We don't drunk with a glass one that's already had a barrel. »
Anton Tchekhov

« Indifference is a paralysis of the soul. »
Anton Tchekhov

« Live to die is not fun, but live knowing we'll die prematurely, it's completely silly. »
Anton Tchekhov

« It is doctors and lawyers. The only difference is that the lawyer merely to steal while the doctor steals and kill you at the same time. »
Anton Tchekhov

« The happy man feels good because the unhappy bear their burden in silence. Without this silence, this happiness is not possible. »
Anton Tchekhov (Les groseillers)

« A hungry dog has faith in meat. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« There is nothing new in the art except the talent. »
Anton Tchekhov

« Notice to those about to marry: "Do nothing" »
Anton Tchekhov

« Intelligent men love to learn. Fools love to teach. »
Anton Tchekhov

« Deprived of the company of men, women lose their luster, and without them, the men to stupefy. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« The crowd believes that she knows and understands everything; and it is silly, more horizons seem vast. »
Anton Tchekhov (Correspondance)

« That can't be a servant could be master. »
Anton Tchekhov (Correspondance)

« The artist should be not the judge of his characters and their words, but only an impartial witness. »
Anton Tchekhov (Correspondance)

« Do not show a gun on the stage if no one intends to use. »
Anton Tchekhov (Correspondance)

« If you are served a cup of coffee, do not strive to find beer. »
Anton Tchekhov (Correspondance)

« The man is stupid and better understands that his horse. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnet de notes)

« Love, friendship, self-esteem are not as strong as common hatred links. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets de notes)

« We don't gift our heart as our stock market more easily. »
Anton Tchekhov

« To know the feeling of happiness, it takes just as long to wind his watch. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets de notes)

« They marry, because both know what to do with themselves. »
Anton Tchekhov (Carnets de notes)

« We suffer less when you don't see the one you love. »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« Brevity is sister of talent. »
Anton Tchekhov

« When there is no true life, it replaces it with mirages. »
Anton Tchekhov (La mouette)

« There is no happiness for us. We must only work: as for happiness, he belongs to our distant progeny. »
Anton Tchekhov (Les trois soeurs)

« The University develops all the gifts of the man, among other stupidity. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« A man without a mustache, it's like a woman with a moustache. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« Those who do not have the free spirit have always confused thoughts. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« Better to perish because of a fool that be flattered by him. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« Living forever would be also difficult - it - seems that sleep life. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre de décembre 1890)

« The character is a force of nature, the lack of character all the more. »
Anton Tchekhov (Platonov)

« No reason could justify the lie. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre - 2 janvier 1900)

« A good man is ashamed even in front of a dog. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« Whatever the topic of conversation, an old soldier will always talk of war. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre du 15 novembre 1888)

« The public? It has always been like a herd: in search of good shepherds and good dogs, and from always there where the shepherds and dogs were leading him. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre du 7 novembre 1888)

« Works of art are divided into two categories: those that I like and what I don't like. I don't know no other criteria. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre)

« When we are thirsty, it seems to us that we could drink a whole ocean: is faith. And when we drink, we drink a glass or two: it's science. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« Nothing unites as hard as hatred: love, friendship or admiration. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« If you fear loneliness, do not marry! »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« The originality of a copyright depends less on his style and his way of thinking. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre)

« Farmers are constantly at work and that's a word they never use. »
Anton Tchekhov (Calepin)

« We all know that is a dishonest action, but what is honesty, nobody knows. »
Anton Tchekhov (Lettre du 9 avril 1889)

« There is nothing in life that is worth to give smart the smallest parcel of his soul. »
Anton Tchekhov (Le cordonnier et la puissance des ténèbres)

« We are not happy, and happiness does not exist; We have what to wish. »
Anton Tchekhov (Les trois soeurs)

« Laziness and idleness, it's contagious! »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« The normal state of a man is to be an original. »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« It's awful to know the secret of another, and not be able to help him. »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« These are neither thieves nor fires that destroy the world, but hatred, hostility, small plots... »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« The old man, it's like children, they want that we feel sorry for them, but who has pity? »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« A woman cannot become the friend of a man after having been a classmate and then a mistress. »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

« The talent is the boldness, the free spirit, broad-minded. »
Anton Tchekhov (Oncle Vania)

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