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Seth Messenger : André Lévy's quotes

André Lévy said :

(Automatic translation)
André Lévy
« There are all sorts of effective regimes: vegetarian, pharmaceutical, tax... »
André Lévy (Les Régimes)

« A good student is surrounded by his court, a leader is identified by his band. »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« Who says that you are good for nothing? You're a great lazy! »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« A mother never dies because we call always MOM. »
André Lévy (Les Femmes)

« Candy spoil everything, even childhood. »
André Lévy (Les Régimes)

« Grammar, as teaching only as good as the rule... and rule by the exception. »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« I am loyal to your class, Mr... I passed her. »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« The woman is educated, the less she is wise. »
André Lévy (Les femmes)

« A fulfilled woman lives in the present what she dreamed once. »
André Lévy (Les femmes)

« If man built the roads, the woman trace paths. »
André Lévy (Les Femmes)

« Women hate looking like everyone else, but it's worse when she's like nothing! »
André Lévy (Les femmes)

« For the teacher it is not to love or to hate, it is above all to get it right. »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« Children, you were flawless. So that happened during your teenage years? »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« I think being able to submit myself to any diet as long as you let me the sauce. »
André Lévy (Les Régimes)

« If the students had learned from the primary origin of the zero, they would have perhaps received less! »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« A beautiful woman is waiting for just one thing: that you told him. »
André Lévy (Les femmes)

« If the soul is immortal, what overweight? »
André Lévy (Les régimes)

« Do not ask the school to give you chills, ask him instead of you amaze. »
André Lévy (L’Enseignement)

« -My wife tells me I'm naturally fat and that there is nothing to do for me. - so, change your wife. »
André Lévy (Les Régimes)

« A woman who loses his love also loses sleep. »
André Lévy (Les femmes)

« It is said that to err is human, but not all, my children, not all... »
André Lévy (L’enseignement)

« I chose a husband of a great sweetness to be able to leave without bitterness. »
André Lévy (Les femmes)

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