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Seth Messenger : André Langevin's quotes

André Langevin said :

(Automatic translation)
André Langevin
« The hatred expressed a weakness, that only hate those who cannot free themselves in action. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« The failure of others comforts still a little. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« You can't wrong impotence: is she the one who lies a hand unable to receive. »
André Langevin (L'Elan d'Amérique)

« Justice, it is an invention of those who are lucky. »
André Langevin (Une chaîne dans le parc)

« The man has forged great myths in order to believe in his mind. »
André Langevin (Evadé de nuit)

« The words that never have a plain meaning, even when telling the truth when they don't go well together. »
André Langevin (Une chaîne dans le parc)

« Death is the most selfish in our actions. »
André Langevin (Poussière sur la ville)

« It takes a lot of simplicity to love. »
André Langevin (Le temps des hommes)

« Only those who are rich can decide to be crazy. »
André Langevin (Une chaîne dans le parc)

« There be satisfied with the accessory sometimes. »
André Langevin (Poussière sur la ville)

« Life called life, and to reproduce, it must be squandering. »
André Langevin (L'Élan d'Amérique)

« This isn't to die to fear, but to age. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« This must be it maturity, feel its channels suddenly and accept because close my eyes do not abolish them. »
André Langevin

« There are only two kinds of men on Earth: those who give and those who receive. The latter always hate the first. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« Freedom is not to circumvent the divine and natural laws. »
André Langevin (Poussière sur la ville)

« For me freedom, is to be able at the end of his happiness. »
André Langevin (Poussière sur la ville)

« We don't give her twenty years; It is used to taste the pleasure and let's them to fray the memory. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« Love is quite similar to the cowardice of two enemies that vulgar interests require to make a deal. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« Love, it's almost unfair. You can love who will make you miserable and missing out on someone who would make your happiness. Love is not something you see. »
André Langevin (Le temps des hommes)

« It is no need to look for love. It is a faith that agrees to not to interview. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« Love is the most sensitive expression of this attempt of communication which we are all victims. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« The birth and death of love are performed may still be in the same way, as well as children and the elderly alike between them, in the meantime, there must be a garden or a desert. some screaming, others sing. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« Love: the metamorphosis of the butterfly backwards. He was born butterfly and dies Caterpillar. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« The colors are to life what is the garment in the social hierarchy. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« The human is full of resignation and has, buried in its most secret fibre, the vocation of the pain. »
André Langevin (Evadé de la nuit)

« The world still retains enough beauty to keep hope. »
André Langevin (L'élan d'Amérique)

« As long as there is nothing to explain, nothing is final. »
André Langevin (Poussière sur la ville)

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