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Seth Messenger : André Breton's quotes

André Breton said :

(Automatic translation)
André Breton
« It may require life to be decrypted as a cryptogram. »
André Breton (Nadja)

« The imagination is what tends to become real. »
André Breton

« The human heart is as beautiful as a seismograph. »
André Breton (Nadja)

« The spirit assumes a little everywhere the rights that it didn't. »
André Breton (Nadja)

« In the jungle of loneliness, a nice gesture of range can make a paradise. »
André Breton (Arcane 17)

« Aspirations of mankind to freedom must be maintained in power to recreate all the time; This is why it must be designed not as State but as force live resulting in a continuous progression. »
André Breton (Arcane 17)

« It seems that everywhere the bourgeois civilization is more inexorably doomed because of his absolute lack of poetic justification. »
André Breton (Position politique de l'art d'aujourd'hui)

« Mind, in presence of any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal way in the absurd. »
André Breton (Anthologie de l'humour noir)

« Wander, at your side will set the wings of the omen. »
André Breton

« The biggest weakness of contemporary thought seems to reside in the extravagant overstatement of the known compared to what remains to know. »
André Breton

« Desire, only shows the world, desire, only rigor that man has to know. »
André Breton (L'amour fou)

« Just the idea of Surrealism tends to total recovery of our psychic force. »
André Breton (Second manifeste du surréalisme)

« Lovers, make you more to enjoy. »
André Breton

« It took Columbus started with lunatics to discover America. And see how this madness has taken body and length. »
André Breton (Manifestes du surréalisme)

« Every reason to believe that there is a point of mind where life and death, the real and the imaginary, the past and the future, upward and down, the communicable and the incommunicable will cease to be perceived to be contradictory. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

« By a word all is saved. By a word all is lost. »
André Breton

« The love is when you meet someone who gives you your news. »
André Breton

« The initial choice in love is not really allowed to the extent where exceptionally it tends to impose, it occurs in an atmosphere of no choice. »
André Breton (L'Amour fou)

« Automatic writing and stories of dreams have the advantage to offer a key capable of indefinitely opening this box to multiple background that is called man. »
André Breton (Dictionnaire Abrégé du surréalisme)

« Love is always in front of you. Love! »
André Breton (Le surréalisme et la peinture)

« Two hands who are looking for, that's enough for the roof of tomorrow. »
André Breton

« Get close to this woman and ask her if the glow of her eyes is for sale. »
André Breton (Les Champs magnétiques)

« It is not the fear of madness that will force us to leave at half-mast the flag of the imagination. »
André Breton (Premier manifeste du surréalisme)

« All the ideas that triumph are at their loss. »
André Breton

« The Act of love and the Act of poetry are incompatible with reading the newspaper aloud. »
André Breton

« What is admirable in the fantastic, is that there are more fantastic: it's the real. »
André Breton (Premier manifeste du surréalisme)

« Man, this final dreamer, from day to day more unhappy with his lot, with hard round objects that he has been led to make use. »
André Breton (Premier manifeste du surréalisme)

« Maybe it's childhood that closest to the 'real life'. »
André Breton (Premier manifeste du surréalisme)

« Not to add his thoughts to the weight of his shoes. »
André Breton

« Chance would be the form of manifestation of outdoor necessity that makes its way into the human unconscious. »
André Breton

« The poetry is in a bed like love. His defeated sheets are the dawn of things. »
André Breton

« Love, poetry, it is by this single spring that human thought will be able to resume offshore. »
André Breton

« The unusual is inseparable from love, he presides over his revelation... »
André Breton

« There is no rule, examples do come to the rescue of the rules in sentence to exist. »
André Breton (Le surréalisme et la peinture)

« Initially it is not to understand but to love. »
André Breton (Flagrant délit)

« The portrait of someone we love has to be not only an image that we smile but also an oracle asked. »
André Breton

« The frog who wanted to be bigger than the beef erupted in the short memory of the fabulist. »
André Breton (Point du jour)

« For my part, I ask to be driven to the cemetery in a moving car. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

« In revolt, none of us should need ancestors. »
André Breton

« There is no point to be alive, if he have to work. »
André Breton (Nadja)

« Write fast without preconceived subject, fast enough to not to hold back and not be tempted to read. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

« Dear imagination, what I like most in you, is that you do not forgive. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

« The wonderful is always beautiful, there is the wonderful that was beautiful. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

« The man offers and. It is up to him to belong to whole. »
André Breton (Manifeste de surréalisme)

« Pornography, it's eroticism of others. »
André Breton

« The least of my worries is to be consistent with myself... »
André Breton (Les pas perdus)

« The most valuable gifts of the spirit cannot withstand the loss of a parcel of honor. »
André Breton

« No truth deserves to remain exemplary. »
André Breton (Les pas perdus)

« Remember that literature is one of the saddest paths that lead to everything. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

« The most beautiful present of life is freedom let you out in your time. »
André Breton

« The beauty will be convulsive or it will not. »
André Breton

« It's live and stop living which are imaginary solutions. Existence is elsewhere. »
André Breton (Manifeste du surréalisme)

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