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Seth Messenger : Alexandre Dumas, fils's quotes

Alexandre Dumas, fils said :

(Automatic translation)
Alexandre Dumas, fils
« What sublime childishness that love! »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

« The campaign has always associated with love and we did well: nothing frames the woman we love like blue sky, scents, flowers, breezes, the resplendent solitude of the fields or the Woods. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La Dame aux camélias)

« Nothing is as expensive as the thousand whims of flowers, dressing rooms, dinners, parties campaign you can never decline to his mistress. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La Dame aux camélias)

« If you have been in love, seriously in love, you had to feel this need to isolate from the world the being in which you wanted to live whole. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La Dame aux camélias)

« Women permit sometimes we mistaken their love, never get hurt their self-esteem. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

« Less an illusion, it is a truth and more. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Un cas de rupture)

« Sometimes we focus more on a woman by the infidelities that we make by fidelity that she keeps us. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« There are more honest women as people think, but not as long as they say. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (L'ami des femmes)

« Kept women always expect we'll like them, never that they'll love, otherwise they would put money aside. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Physical love, this energetic conclusion of the more chaste impressions of the soul. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

« One does not become a playwright, are we all now or never, as we're blond or Brown, unintentionally. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Men and women don't meet the theatre to hear talk of love, and to take part to the pains and the joys it causes. All other interests of humanity are at the door. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« We never do well quite quickly. Is there time to wait? »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« The silly woman is hundred times more cunning than the more spiritual man. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le Demi-monde)

« Forgiveness, you know what it is? It's indifference to what does not. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« To capture a heart that has no history of attacks, is going into an open city and without garrison. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La Dame aux camélias)

« The work is essential to the happiness of man; He elevates, he consoles; and regardless of the nature of the work, as long as it benefits someone: do what we can, it's doing what we must. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Only men have the strength to not forgive. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

« There are women who spend their lives to fill the gap where virtue mattered choir, and who, furious on the edge to wait we push them, throw stones at women who spend. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Diane des Lys)

« There is a legitimate means which is working to get money, and as many people are unwilling to use it, the result is a host of misunderstandings. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« For people who can't make it, a gift has no price if it has no value. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Men are so loose and so servile than if their tyrants were ordering them to love each other, they would love to. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« The resolutions are like eels; We take them easily. The devil is to keep them. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Men, my dear, it's like kites, more we give them rope, more we got them. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Francillon)

« To deny God it has well proven that there is no! »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le Noël)

« If God could suddenly be sentenced to live the life that he inflicts on man, he would kill himself. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Pensées d'album)

« Love doesn't happen without esteem. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le demi-monde)

« Marry, is to take a wife. But the woman who? »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« I am very proud to have the esteem of a man I always heard my father say the greater good. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« This isn't what women are saying is interesting, what they shut you up. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« God invented the Parisian so that foreigners can understand the French. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« There is no real happiness that no one knows. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le demi-monde)

« Friends are rarer and more precious far than closely. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le Demi-monde)

« When a man is ashamed of him, it is ruthless for others. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le régent Mustel)

« Tears become something so rare that we can give them to the first coming. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La Dame aux camélias)

« True love makes always better, regardless of the woman who inspired her. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

« The business? It's simple, it's the money of others. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La question d'argent)

« Of roads takes and reasons to give the heart to get to what he wants! »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

« In love when you miss the noon train, it is better not to take the evening. The nights are cool. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Love, it's physics, marriage is chemistry. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (L’étrangère)

« I was bored. That's how it started. She bored me, that's how it ended. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« In love, it is dangerous, not to mention that it is useless to write. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« How is it that children are so intelligent, most of the men are stupid? It is education. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« So young whether you, the day where one loses his mother, we're getting old all of a sudden. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« The men believe they are jealous of women because they are in love; This is not true; they are in love because they are jealous, which is quite different. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« He who gives himself the death is a victim who meets his executioner and kills him. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Honesty is the largest of all the tricks, because this is the only smart guys do not provide. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« When we see life as God made her, he has to thank it for making death. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Denise)

« Give money, do not share it. Give only does the ungrateful, lend made enemies. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Does not consider the money neither more nor less than it's worth: is a good servant and a bad master. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La Dame aux camélias)

« The woman is the last thing God has done. He had to do Saturday night. We feel the fatigue. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« The chains of marriage are so heavy that it takes two to wear. Sometimes three. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Never talk, you won't convince anyone. Opinions are like nails; more tapped, the deeper we sink them. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« Know who read a lot; Sometimes those who watch know more. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« The anonymous letters have the great advantage that it is not forced to respond. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« We have to gather the stones they threw him in his lifetime, and will be a pyramid that will exceed that of Keops over the grave of a man of genius. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« How were right the ancients who had one God for merchants and thieves. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« It is easier to be good for everyone as it is for someone. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« The duty, is what is required of others. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Denise)

« He must love anyone, no matter what, no matter how, as long as we like. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« When we marry, it's to find in our woman what we unnecessarily asked other women. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils

« If men can't hear the hearts of women, women hear about the honor of men. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Denise)

« When we fall, we fall never well. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (Le Demi-Monde)

« We can't create characters when we studied many men, as we cannot speak a language only on the condition of having learned it seriously. »
Alexandre Dumas, fils (La dame aux camélias)

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