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Seth Messenger : Albert Einstein's quotes

Albert Einstein said :

(Automatic translation)
Albert Einstein
« I can't imagine a God who rewards and punishes the object of his creation. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« One who feels his own life and that of others as meaningless is basically unhappy, since there is no reason to live. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« I am firmly convinced that all the riches of the world could advance humanity, even if they were in the hands of a man who was as dedicated as possible to progress. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« We cannot despair of men, since we are ourselves of humans. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« I know why so many people like to cut wood. It is an activity where you immediately see the result. »
Albert Einstein

« The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. »
Albert Einstein

« Never do anything against your conscience, even if the State should ask. »
Albert Einstein

« A human being is a part at all that we call "Universe"... A part limited in time and in space. »
Albert Einstein

« The man and his safety must be the first concern of any technological adventure. »
Albert Einstein

« If the facts do not correspond to the theory, change the facts. »
Albert Einstein

« You ask me if I keep a journal where I note my big ideas? I've never had in only one... »
Albert Einstein

« The absolute thing in a world like ours, it's humor. »
Albert Einstein

« Is not that I'm so smart, it's that I'm staying longer with the problems. »
Albert Einstein

« Anyone who claims to erect to judge of truth and knowledge is exposed to perish under the splinters of laughter of the gods since we do not know how things really are and we know that the representation that we do. »
Albert Einstein

« Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. But regarding the universe, I to have not yet acquired the absolute certainty. »
Albert Einstein

« The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch without doing anything. »
Albert Einstein

« I feel that differences in social class are not justified and that they are based ultimately on the violence. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« I hate violently heroism on order, gratuitous violence and dumb nationalism. The war is the most despicable thing. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« I feel the strongest emotion before the mystery of life. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« It is the duty of every man to the world at least as much as he has received. »
Albert Einstein

« A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. »
Albert Einstein

« Madness, is to behave in the same way and expect a different result. »
Albert Einstein

« It is the theory which decides what we can observe. »
Albert Einstein

« Everything that is really great and inspired were made by individuals working freely. »
Albert Einstein

« God is subtle but he is not malicious. »
Albert Einstein

« If you can explain a concept to a child of six years, it is that you do not completely understand. »
Albert Einstein

« The problem today is not atomic energy, but the hearts of men. »
Albert Einstein

« The school should always be designed to give its students a harmonious personality, not to train a specialist. »
Albert Einstein

« There are few to be able to calmly express a different opinion from the prejudices of their environment. Most human beings are same unable to formulate such opinions. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Nothing is closer to the true than false. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The solitary man thinks only and creates new values for the community. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« I want to know the thoughts of God; all the rest is detail. »
Albert Einstein

« What makes the true value of a human being, it is to be issued of his little self. »
Albert Einstein

« Nothing can be as beneficial to human health and increase the chances of survival of life on Earth to opt for a vegetarian diet. »
Albert Einstein

« I don't know how the third world war will be, but I know that there is a lot of world to see the fourth. »
Albert Einstein

« Life is an adventure, she must be constantly fought to the death. »
Albert Einstein

« If we don't Sin any against reason, we can't usually nothing. »
Albert Einstein

« The State is our servant and we don't have to be slaves. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« First define me what you mean by God and I'll tell you if I believe. »
Albert Einstein

« Randomly, it is God who is walking incognito. »
Albert Einstein

« If the idea is not absurd priori, it is hopeless. »
Albert Einstein

« The distinction between the past, the present, the future is only an illusion, as tenacious as is. »
Albert Einstein

« Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. »
Albert Einstein

« The world we have created is the result of our level of thinking, but the problems it causes cannot be resolved at this level. »
Albert Einstein (Le Prix de l'excellence)

« The true value of a man is determined by examining to what extent and in what way it is managed to free itself of the self. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious side of life. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« What remains forever incomprehensible in nature, is that we can understand. »
Albert Einstein

« The bitter lessons of the past must be relearned constantly. »
Albert Einstein

« A created problem cannot be solved by thinking in the same way that it has been created. »
Albert Einstein

« Technical progress is like an axe that would put in the hands of a psychopath. »
Albert Einstein

« Invent is thinking outside. »
Albert Einstein

« Don't worry if you're having trouble in math, I can assure you mine are far more important! »
Albert Einstein

« Politics is ephemeral but an equation is eternal. »
Albert Einstein

« What counts cannot always be counted, and that can be counted does not necessarily count. »
Albert Einstein

« The thing the more difficult to understand in the world is the income tax! »
Albert Einstein

« The value of a man is in his ability to give and not in its ability to receive. »
Albert Einstein

« This isn't because of gravity that people fall in love! »
Albert Einstein

« I like to think that the Moon is there even if I don't watch it. »
Albert Einstein

« Science is a wonderful thing... as long as do not live! »
Albert Einstein

« An empty stomach is not a good political adviser. »
Albert Einstein (Cosmic religion)

« A problem without a solution is an ill-posed problem. »
Albert Einstein

« I asserts that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest reason and noblest of scientific research. »
Albert Einstein (Ideas and Opinions)

« It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice. »
Albert Einstein

« The word progress will be meaningless as long as there are unhappy children. »
Albert Einstein

« Someday machines will be able to solve all the problems, but never any of them cannot ask a! »
Albert Einstein

« Do not make intelligence a God, because if it is equipped with powerful muscles, she has no personality. »
Albert Einstein

« The knowledge is acquired through experience, everything else is information. »
Albert Einstein

« I sleep not long, but I go to sleep quickly. »
Albert Einstein

« Great minds have always met with fierce opposition from mediocre minds. »
Albert Einstein

« I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. »
Albert Einstein (Interview)

« The theory is when we know everything and nothing works. Practice is when everything works and nobody knows why. Here, we've combined theory and practice: nothing works... and no one knows why! »
Albert Einstein

« An impeccable member among a community of sheep, to be first of all be yourself a sheep. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. »
Albert Einstein

« The world is dangerous to live! Not so much because of those who do evil but because of those who look at and let. »
Albert Einstein

« What really interests me is whether God had an any choice in creating the world. »
Albert Einstein

« What is incomprehensible is that the world is understandable. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The perfection of means and confusion of goals seem to characterize our times. »
Albert Einstein

« There are only two ways to live your life: one doing as if nothing was a miracle, the other by as if everything was a miracle. »
Albert Einstein

« There are only two infinite things, the universe and human stupidity... but for the universe, I have no absolute certainty. »
Albert Einstein

« The bureaucracy makes the death of any action. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The effort to unite wisdom and power leads rarely and only very briefly. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The man usually avoids to give intelligence to others, except when by chance he's an enemy. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« He who can no longer experience amazement or surprise, or is virtually dead: his eyes are turned off. »
Albert Einstein

« A man who reads too much and makes too little brain effort quickly takes habits of indolence of mind. »
Albert Einstein

« I think, in the philosophical sense of the term, to the freedom of man. Each is under an external constraint, but also according to an inner need. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. »
Albert Einstein

« The most beautiful feeling in the world, it's the sense of mystery. One who has never experienced this emotion, his eyes are closed. »
Albert Einstein

« Life, it's like a bicycle, must move forward to keep the balance. »
Albert Einstein

« Place your hand on a stove for a minute, and it seems you one hour. Sit with a pretty girl an hour and it seems you last a minute. That's relativity. »
Albert Einstein

« Let A be a success in life. Then A = x y z, where x = work, y = fun, z = shut up. »
Albert Einstein (The Observer)

« Try not to become a man who has success. Try to become a man who has value. »
Albert Einstein

« It unfortunately became clear today that our technology has exceeded our humanity. »
Albert Einstein

« On the surface, life is meaningless, and yet, it is impossible that there is not a! »
Albert Einstein

« The staircase of science is Jacob's ladder, it is ended only at the feet of God. »
Albert Einstein

« Those who like to walk in rows on a music: it may be that by mistake they received a brain, a spinal cord would suffice them amply. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« God does not play dice. »
Albert Einstein

« Possession of wonderful means of production has not brought freedom, but concern and famine. »
Albert Einstein

« We will have the destiny that we have earned. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Imagination is more important than knowledge. »
Albert Einstein (Sur la science)

« The cult of personality remains always unjustified. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Education should be thus: he who receives it collects as a priceless gift but never as a painful constraint. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The creative personality has to think and judge for itself as the moral progress of society depends entirely on its independence. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« It is the human person, free and creative shaping the beautiful and the sublime, while the masses are still trained in an infernal round of idiocy and brutishness. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« This is the essential role of the teacher to awaken joy to work and to know. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Each reason in his soul and conscience, he gets an idea based on his own reading and not according to the gossip of others. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Rare is the number of those who watch with their own eyes and experience with their own sensitivity. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« The moral value cannot be replaced by the intelligence value and I would add: thank God! »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

« Sacrifice in the service of the life is a grace. »
Albert Einstein (Comment je vois le monde)

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